High Purity Copper Melting & Casting

At Peel Jones Copper Products we couple the most modern equipment available with decades of experience within the Melting and Casting team to produce cast copper of unparalleled consistency.
Utilising only the highest purity cathode feedstock and tightly controlled degassing throughout the process from start to finish guarantees our 99.98% cast copper purity with the lowest possible gas levels and the highest conductivity levels.

Peel Jones Copper Products has recently invested in two new IGBT controlled induction furnaces in 2019 to ensure ongoing high performance for our product quality and production schedule reliability.

Peel Jones Copper Products can pour from 1 kgs to 2200 kgs.

Whether we are hand shanking the smaller end of our weight range or bottom pouring at the higher end of our range, Peel Jones Copper Products manufactures finished cast product with the same highest possible integrity.

Processes-Melting & Casting