High Performance Tuyeres

At Peel Jones Copper Products, we understand the challenges faced by Blast Furnace Operators and Managers.

We are passionate about producing the safest and most value-add Tuyere possible that exceeds your performance expectations time and time again.

Tuyere manufacture represents the largest proportion of historical workload since 1969 for Peel Jones Copper Products and is therefore a core competence.

All our tuyeres at Peel Jones Copper Products are 100% casting, manufactured from the highest purity copper available and poured within our own foundry facility without any fabricating.

Our cast tuyeres offer enhanced performance and product life above that of traditional fabricated tuyeres, which is due in part to the optimisation of the waterways, which can be economically produced by modern casting techniques

Peel Jones Copper Products understands the extremely harsh operating environment within the blast furnace for a Tuyere. Our dedicated team would be delighted to work with you to develop and optimise the best possible Tuyere for the maximum value.

Additionally to working with you to design the best possible Tuyere casting, at Peel Jones Copper Products, we can also offer protective enhancements to extend the Tuyere life and at the same time conserve energy consumption at the blast furnace.

All our Tuyere designs are validated via Computational Fluid Dynamics and other simulation to ensure optimal heat transfer for a design and optimal manufacturing method to ensure consistent product integrity.

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