1. These conditions govern all Sellers· Sales and unless expressly accepted in writing by the buyers no condition inconsistent herewith shall be
  2. Seller’s quotations are without engagement, unless special conditions are agreed between both parties and this is confirmed by the Seller in
  3. Without prejudice to Sellers’ legal rights in the event of breach of contract by  Purchasers,  Sellers reserve the right to suspend deliveries  or at their  option cancel  unfulfilled part of the contract in  whole, or part, if Purchasers fail to fulfil any obligations thereunder or if by reason of Act of God, war, force majeure, governmental control, storm, fire, tempest, strikes, lockouts, or any other unforeseen circumstances outside their control, Sellers are prevented in whole or part from performing their obligations under the
  4. Delivery dates are approximate only and without engagement but every endeavor will be made to carry out Purchasers requirements provided that all necessary information is given to Sellers at the time the order is
  5. Each delivery shall be considered as a separate contract, and a failure of any delivery shall not vitiate the contract as to
  6. Property in goods shall pass to Purchasers on
  7. Unless Sellers agree to work to Purchasers drawings and specifications, Sellers· normal tolerances and material specifications will
  8. Performance figures as given by Sellers are based upon their experiences, but are not
  9. If goods alleged to be defective are returned to Sellers, carriage paid for examination with full statement of allegation within three months of delivery or such other period as Sellers may agree in writing or if Sellers agree that return of such goods is impracticable and are given the opportunity of examining in situ Sellers will repair or at their option replace free of charge such goods as they recognize to be defective owing to faulty material or workmanship and refund the return carriage on them. Subject only as stated in these conditions no warranty, condition or representation whatsoever is given or to be implied in connection with goods supplied under the
  10. Sellers accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury however caused, arising out of or in connection with the goods supplied under the contract nor for any consequential
  11. Selling prices of the goods are subject to Market Fluctuations of material
  12. Terms strictly net unless otherwise stated. Payment at due dates is a condition precedent to subsequent deliveries and time of payment is of essence to the
  13. All drawings and specifications submitted to Purchasers remain Sellers property and must not be copied, disclosed to any third party or otherwise used without Sellers written
  14. Unless otherwise specified all packing cases and other containers are non-returnable and packing is provided in accordance with Sellers standard
  15. Sellers accept no responsibility where patterns jigs, fixtures, drawings, specifications or other particulars supplied by Purchasers are inaccurate or in a defective condition, and Purchasers shall indemnify Sellers against any loss suffered by Sellers by reason of such inaccuracy or defective
  16. Purchasers shall indemnify Sellers against all claims, demands, damages, penalties, costs and expenses to which Sellers may become liable by reason of any infringement or alleged infringements of Letters Patent on registered designs arising out of performance of a contract in accordance with Purchasers’ specification.
  17. No claim for goods damaged in transit will be considered unless goods have been signed for as “not examined” or as “damaged”” or ‘”incomplete”, or to that effect and a written complaint is made both to Sellers and Carriers within fourteen days of the receipt of goods by Purchasers and Sellers are given an opportunity to In the case of goods lost in transit no claim can be considered, unless a written complaint is made both to Sellers and to Carriers within fourteen days of the due date of arrival.
  18. The Contract shall be subject to English Law and any dispute arising therefrom shall be subject to accordingly.
  19. Suppliers will not be responsible for the accuracy of weights estimated from customer’s